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This article was posted on Monday, August 7th, 2006 at 1:26 pm. It's filed under Technology, Noteworthy, Apple. You can monitor the comments to this article by using the RSS 2.0 feed. It is tagged with the tags apple wwdc2006.
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WWDC 2006: OS X Leopard
Posted on Monday, August 7th, 2006 at 1:26 pm.

10:23 PM - looks like they’re talking about the OS X. I’ve got bets it’s about Leopard. Okay, of course it is, so you won’t bet me, but… uh…

Listen to this - “enabled amazing transition to occur in 210 days 86 million lines of source code ported to run on a different chip pretty amazing” - they took just 210 days to make PowerPC architecture => Intel architecture‽ That’s wicked awesome.

Now they’re talking about how Spotlight was copied in Windows Vista. “Redmond - start your photocopiers” Damn Microsoft, if you want to get the better technology out faster than the competition, then get the frickin’ technology out faster than the competition. Or this happens. Meaning, you get 0wn3d! Windows Vista looks like it also copied stuff like “mail, calendaring, address book” as well as the Windows logo to make it look more ‘aqualike’.

Let’s look at Spotlight. Now it’s easier to find information on your local disk and on the Web. They did a major innovation. Instead of having the menu on the top right, they have it on the bottom left. Another major technology is RSS. We have a browser that’s simple and elegant and added Safari RSS. Guess what? IE7 RSS.

“This is iCal, our calendaring program, and this is Windows Calendar . They even tried to copy our color scheme but they didn’t get it quite right. This is their logo. You may think I took a Windows logo and added a nice Aqua bubble on top, but no, that’s the logo, but underneath it’s still Windows. It still has the registry at its core. It still has DLL hell and it still has this well-loved feature called activation. If you can’t innovate, you have to imiate, but it’s never quite as good. So, to talk about our future, I’m going to turn back to Steven.”

Apple says that they’re working on Leopard and they’ll give a demo of Leopard today (!!!)

One - Leopard 64-bit feature - it can run 32-bit applications on 64-bit machines sans emulation or translation into 64-bit architecture.

Two - Time machine? Help users backup easier, my guess. Pretty useful for me, dontchathink? This stuff should be built in. “dig a little deeper - most that say they are are manually dragging files & folders into another drive - not really secure” Sure as hell is not. “how many use automated software to stay always backed up? only 4%” :-O Built-in, automated backup software!?
Holy Jesus - Time Machine will be capable of backing up every single file automatically to your hard drive or a server (probably via FTP or something) - holy crap. And then they have a new way to back up files.

We plan to change all of that in Leopard with a feature caled Time Machine. And we back up everything. All of your files, folders, applications, operating system, which means we can restore everything. If your hard drive dies, you can buy a new one and be right back where you were.

“Ever had time where you work on a doc and you do a save as and overwrote the wrong one?” “finder windows - important stuff” (me: ?) “with time machine, you can get those files back by entering a date or time” Holy crap - this is like Subversion! SUBVERSION BUILT INTO AN OS, BACKING UP YOUR FILES! “finder windows move through timeline on the side of the machine through time - very cool to watch. visual representation of moving through time. timeline on right-hand side. finder windows ‘warping’ forward can go back a day - or two days.”

“So here we are on the Leopard desktop. Here are the four files I’m working on. Click on Time Machine down on the dock and…”Screen changes to a 3D group of of screens that lets you select from multiple versions of the window. “Notice the stars are moving. Let me go back to yesterday. I can go back two days. I’m not sure where the file is. I can fly back therough time and… oh, there it is. So as you can see, this file was deleted some time after June 24th. I can double-click to get a preview of it. Now I just click Restore… done.”

And apparently - you can search (probably with Spotlight 2.0) past documents, and it works in 3rd party applications - as well as iPhoto, like if you delete a photo, you can go ahead and undelete it. This is absolutely amazing.

“It is that easy to go back in time and bring back things. Now Time Machine works with more than just the Finder. I’m going to look for… Sonya. I must have accidentally deleted Sonia. Now (opens Time Machine) I can look for Sonia and… there she is. Again, I just click Restore and I can bring her back to the address book. But as I said earlier, the most important thing to me is my photos. Now there’s an entire roll missing from a trip I took….”
“Bring up iPhoto, fly through time, select the photos, hit restore and restores them all the way back to the present. There they are in iPhoto.”

Three - Leopard will have a “complete package”. This includes Boot Camp! And also - next generation Front Row and Photo Booth will be built into Leopard.

Then it’s got Virtual Desktops, “create different spaces for different clusters of apps to work together” Meh, it’s a bit like Virtual Desktops. But better. PWN. PWN in ALL directions.

Then, we’ve got Spotlight, which is apparently going to be better. So they’re adding boolean searches (AND, NOT, OR, etc). It will also have recent files. As well as an application launcher that puts the Windows one I had (forget the name) to absolute shame.

Core animation. No idea what this is. So here’s Engadget’s description: “Core animation lets you dramatically increase the production values of your application. Lets you take a scene and decostruct it into layers. Text, images, video, OpenGL.

‘You specify a start state, goal state and key frames optionally. Core Animation will automate the whole animation.’” Look at the screenshots. I say OMG.

Universal access. They say that they’ve “made major enhancements to VoiceOver, Braille support, closed captioning support, faster, better navigation.” Their text to speech is supposedly amazing. And better than Vista’s. Damn. Too much 0wn…

Then we’ve got Mail enhancements. So they have Stationary (which I never liked, if they were those annoying templates that included images and stuff that make your emails look good - look, emails are meant to be simple, send your love letters through snail mail), Notes, and To-do. Which should have been in Mail in the first place. So, okay, the stationary looks nice, but I’m not so hot about it unelss if it could be used for newsletters, I guess.


We’re not done yet. Dashboard. There will be a developer application called dashcode that will help to design, and develop dashboard widgets. It also includes a parts library - it apparently includes search fields, etc. that you can use in your widgets. It will also have a debugger. Integration with Safari to make a webclip, like an instant updating widget, such as for (their example) webcomic Dilbert. Basically, standard Mac users can now create widgets instantly with no hassle.

And they’re still not done. They say that they need to make iChat better - “multiple logins, visibility, animated icons, video recording, and tabbed chats”, slideshows, etc. And iChat Theater, good for “collaboration on projects.”

Okay, so at the end - “these are just 10 of the many new features in Leopard.” …

Damn. It’s shipping in Spring 2007. Get ready.