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Archive for the 'Quivira Media' Category
Verizon DSL Modem
Posted on Thursday, August 24th, 2006 at 5:38 pm.


Once again, I must say that Verizon sucks. The story is, on Thursday, my dad got mad and broke the cable modem. (Nothing weird. He gets mad about me using the computer all the time. See technophobe and asian. Two or three capacitors came from their sockets. So I called up Verizon the next day, saying that I needed a replacement as soon as possible, like that day. They said that it was not possible. So they promised to send me one by 12:00 the next day.

Hi. My name is Steven and I am typing this article via a public library computer terminal. It was 12:40 and there was no Verizon DSL Modem in sight, so I called Verizon Tech support. (And you piss the automated thing by saying “agent” a lot.) I stated that the dude that talked to me yesterday said it was to be delivered by 12:00 today. The support rep at the other end said something incomprehensible about warranties and said it required at least 3 days. So I argued with them, and I finally just went “bye” and hung up.

Verizon sucks, dude. I probably won’t be able to set up the Quivira Media v2 Io on time (tomorrow) becuase of the stupidity of a certain crappy telco called Verizon. DIE VERIZON!

UPDATE: To be as honest as possible on this topic, I will admit that I did recieve the modem when I got home. Aside from being 6 hours late, I do appreciate Verizon’s actions on this matter. Though Verizon still sucks, and their reps are a bit confused. Nevertheless, I got my modem. Thanks, Verizon!