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I am Steven Bao, a webdesigner, developer, entrepreneur and student. I am a sophomore in high school. (15 years old.) I'm the President and CEO at Avecora, among other positions. (See my LinkedIn profile.) I am a somewhat avid blogger at Auxiom. I develop web applications occasionally, which you can find over at Carbonic Media.

Perhaps you have heard of me somewhere. (I doubt it.) In that case, see if you recognize me from any social network, or maybe my ClaimID profile. I'm a member of Random Shapes as well.

You can contact me in many ways. My email is [email protected] and my public mobile number is 617.395.5633. My AIM is steventbao, MSN is [email protected], Google Talk is [email protected], IRC as StevenBao on, and other networks that you may ask for.

In terms of social networks, I am on Facebook, MySpace, Virb, Trig, Twitter, and other social networks.

More extensive coverage of Steven Bao is available at Auxiom's Colophon.