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My Skills?

Technical Writing

Creating clear, concise, and informative technical content that simplifies complex topics for a diverse audience.

Research & Analysis

Conducting thorough research and analysis to provide accurate, data-driven insights and reviews on the latest AI developments.

Content Strategy

Developing effective content strategies that align with industry trends and audience needs, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

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Our readers rely on us for accurate, timely, and actionable information that makes a real difference in their understanding of AI.

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About Me

Hello! I'm Steven Bao

As a dedicated freelance writer, I specialize in creating technical content, research, and reviews focused on Artificial Intelligence and technology. My passion for technology and commitment to clarity have allowed me to contribute to leading platforms such as TechCrunch,, YahooFinance, ScienceDaily, and SocialMarketing90. I excel at transforming complex technical details into engaging and accessible content for readers from all backgrounds.

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Freelance Writer

My journey as a freelance writer has led me to collaborate with some of the most respected names in the tech industry. Here are some highlights from my career:

  • TechCrunch: Delivered in-depth articles on AI advancements and technological innovations.
  • Provided comprehensive reviews and analyses of AI tools and platforms.
  • YahooFinance: Wrote insightful pieces on the intersection of finance and technology.
  • ScienceDaily: Covered cutting-edge scientific discoveries and their implications.
  • SocialMarketing90: Created content focusing on the impact of AI in social marketing strategies.

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Steven Bao's team provides unmatched expertise in AI. Their articles are not only thorough but also extremely engaging, making complex topics accessible and interesting.

    Sebastian Horn
    Sebastian Horn

    Marketing Manager

    As a regular subscriber to their AI content, I am always impressed by the clarity and depth of analysis. They have become my go-to source for all things AI.

      Judy Coleman
      Judy Coleman

      Social Media Manager

      Their custom content solutions transformed our marketing strategy. The tailored webinars and instructional materials they provided significantly increased engagement

        Eline Claes
        Eline Claes

        Social Media Specialist

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