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Archive for November 1st, 2006
CSSReboot: The Best Reboots
Posted on Wednesday, November 1st, 2006 at 10:51 pm.

CSSReboot has happened. Many great designs have been submitted. I’d like to showcase a few.


This website is clean, simple, and really nice. It also has a nice layout.

Mein Brandenburg

This is clean and modern, and I like the color contrast and curves.

Jonathan Snook

I left a comment for Jonathan on the CSSReboot website: “Nice design! The layout is very good. Clean and simple, very nice!” ‘Nuff said. We can’t miss the Snook guy, he’s a genius at this stuff.

Six Shooter Media

Another big name in webdesign, Six Shooter Media rolls out a new, nice, and orangy site for the Reboot. Nice work, I love it.

It’s weird naming Paul’s site as one of my favorite, but it’s pretty insane. So I shamelessly plug it.


Terry Ng redesigns Kineda again. Every redesign I’m like… Damn! that’s nice. Including this one.


Last but not least, JSBox, a clean, minimalistic design. Very nice gradients and color scheme.

Every year CSSReboot gets better. This year was not an outlier. Nevertheless I feel that this Reboot did not improve as much as the previous one, which was totally kick-A. Let’s hope for a better reboot next time. Why hadn’t this Reboot been as awesome? Technical difficulties. I have kept communication with the CSSReboot guy and there were many technical difficulties this time around, but he says that the next Reboot will be better since he will be ready (code built, I suppose) and there will be better reboots next time. (Update: Terry [who also has a great article I only found after writing this article] speculates that “The decline in partcipation may have resulted from programming issues that the new CSS Reboot owner didn’’t get sorted out until the last minute.”)

As for my own design, I am not happy with it. There are many bugs, uncomplete sections, and I believe that it does not validate. And it’s kinda slow. Just kinda. But this was a great CSSReboot round, and I cannot wait for the next.

I have rebooted.
Posted on Wednesday, November 1st, 2006 at 1:25 pm.

I have rebooted. As a part of CSSReboot I have rebooted the website. Also check out Paul’s site. (The AJAX comments do not work anymore.)