Steven’s Johns Hopkins Scheduling 2006

You will all not miss me when I am going to Johns Hopkins from June 25 to July 16. Here I have listed a few methods of communication. I am not allowed to check email or (gasp…) use the computer at all to do stuff, like speaking with some potential clients.

Stuff like that. What the document says in a nutshell is that you can Cell or Call my CTY number, or leave a voicemail, or send envelope mail stuff. And of course, it gives you the information you need.

If you really need to contact me, the check this out. If you don’t, you can read some information and stuff there.

For more info, check the Calendar.

EDIT: I could do moblogging on my cell, but then my inferior cellular service plan will get charged on the bill, and then my parents get freakin’ pissed.