Hello there.

Thanks for visiting my brand-new blog. First things first. I do realize that this design is pretty bad. This design is a placeholder for my soon-to-come blog theme, SBV2:PHI. Good stuff. I will have it ready on the day of the CSSReboot, and the same day of the Quivira Media CSSeXpo Contest Deadline.

Some introductory stuff about me is that I’m a 14-year-old (male) dude who likes to use computers (sorta), do graphic design, study math, do business, and read. I live in the Massachusetts area, since MA pwns all. I also like to do stuff like listen to music on my iPod+iHome+iTunes, eschew Windows, promote Linux, and enjoy summer vacations.

I am the Chief Executive of Quivira Media, a design group that I head with my friends Paul White and David Dolan.

I play piano and I’m starting to play guitar. I like Ramen instant noodles and Klondike bars. My parents are technophobes. I like to Linux (if that’s not a verb, it is now.)

If you wanted to know, my parents cut off access to the internet in my house. Which sucks. Like 120%.

I might have more information in the “About” page of this blog. Yes, this is a blog. Blog.

Well, that’s all the posting I’ll be doing for now. If you’ll only check back here once more, check back here in October (I think.) This is when the CSSReboot is, and the QMCSSX Deadline.

Thanks for visiting, and have a good day!